Our Story

We knew that my grandparents had a large photo collection. It had amassed over the decades on it's own and grew a bit more when more albums were collected from other family members.

In 2016 when my grandmother passed I took it upon myself to gather all the loose photos, albums, slides and movies and keep them safe. As the family looked through all the great photos I wanted the rest of the family to see them too. I Invested in equipment, software and lots of time. I scanned, and scanned and scanned. Weeks and months later over 12, 000 images were ready to be shared. They were already greatly organized so they just needed to be moved online. After weeks of searching and planning JVP Imaging was created and launched.

At first it was just my family but a while later I saw a need. There knew there were many families with similar collections and desire to share but didn't have the time, knowledge or equipment to make it happen. So that is when JVP Imaging took on a few friends and family as clients and we are continuing to grow.

Thank you for your support.


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